Best Free Email Without Phone Number Verification

Last updated: May 17, 2022

Do you want to create an email account without providing your phone number? You don't have to resort to a shady unknown email provider. There are quality email providers with beautiful UI, amazing security with end-to-end encryption, iOS, and Android apps, yet they are free and don't require a phone number!

Check out our list of the top 9 free email providers without phone verification:


The best email provider that lets you create an account without a phone number. Protonmail's main focus is on security and privacy. It was founded in Switzerland by CERN scientists in 2013.

The great thing is that Protonmail uses client-side encryption. That means that if somebody intercepts your message on its way to the Protonmail server, they won't be able to decrypt it (unlike with other popular email providers like Gmail). On top of that, their servers (owned by Protonmail to avoid using a third party) are located in Switzerland, where no US or EU jurisdictions apply. If you want to read more about their threat model, check this out.

If you care about your privacy and don't want unnecessary phone verifications, Protonmail is the best choice.

Register at Protonmail here

2. Tutanota

A great free email service provider with full end-to-end encryption - no verification required of course. The free plan only has 1GB of storage, but that should be enough for not media-heavy emails. Android and iOS apps are included and feature a very well-made UI.

Similar to Protonmail, Tutanota has great security features. Tutanota is open-source, a great step in making sure their systems are secure and can be independently reviewed by anyone.

The downside is that the free plan only allows you to create emails under Tutanota domains, and doesn't allow you to have any aliases.

Tutanota servers are based in Germany, so they fall under the EU jurisdiction contrary to Protonmail (servers in Switzerland).

Register at Tutanota here

3. Yandex Mail

Notice: Yandex might actually require a phone during further sign-ins, as was reported by some users

Yandex is a Russian internet products and services provider (think of it as a Russian Google), email being on of those services. It offers a well-designed user interface and good security. When it comes to storage, Yandex mail offers 10 GB for free.

Register at Yandex Mail here

4. OpenMailBox

Free (and ad-free as well!) mail service that doesn't require phone verification. The free plan comes with 1GB of storage, free email forwarding, and nonstop customer support. Another advantage is the big attachment size limit of 50MB. There are paid plans with bigger storage available as well.

Register at OpenMailBox here

5. Mailinator

Mailinator offers a free and disposable email without any verification. You don't even have to signup, just visit, and create a temporary disposable email address. Keep in mind that Mailinator only allows you to receive emails, you won't be able to send emails via it.

Another drawback is the lack of privacy, all the emails are public. Mailinator is used for registering accounts where you don't want to give your real email address out of fear of getting spammed or registering throwaway accounts for one-time use.

Use Mailinator here


GMX is a popular free email service, no phone number verification is required. However, it might ask you for an alternate email address, which is always handy if you forget your password. GMX offers up to 65GB of free storage and apps for both iOS and Android.

GMX also allows you to create up to 10 alias addresses you can manage from one central mailbox for free.

Register at GMX here


Another acceptable option when it comes to registering an email account without phone verification. It offers 2GB of free online storage, which is not a lot, but enough for plenty of use cases. The free version is supported by ads in your mail dashboard. The free version also doesn't include POP3 and IMAP access.

The great thing is that you can choose from 200 unique domains under which to create the email. The domains are pretty exclusive too (e.g.,, You can choose from all those options for free!

Register at here


The largest Latvian free email service. Of course, you can register for free without any need for phone verification. You'll get 20GB of email storage. Of course, the website and email dashboard are available in English. It offers not only emails but also groups a number of other internet services for file sharing, photo backup solutions, calendars, or even dating!

Register at here

9. tempmail

Tempmail is not a classical email service provider but provides you with a temporary email address valid for a few hours. Be careful, some services might not accept a temporary email address as your registration email. It's basically a throwaway email account. Of course, it doesn't require any verifications, in fact, it doesn't require you to log in at all.

After you visit their homepage, you will automatically get a temporary email assigned. You can use it right away.

Visit tempmail here


You have plenty of options when it comes to registering an email without phone verification. The best thing is, it's not just some shady unknown email providers, but quite the contrary. For best security, we would choose protonmail.

Another option we would use is temporary emails - in case you just need a throwaway email that works for 10 minutes, this is the best way to go.

10 comments on “Best Free Email Without Phone Number Verification”

  1. Let me count the ways:

    1) Who needs an e-mail for 10 minutes?
    2) proton mail and tutanota - so encrypted even their support can't help you you'll never be able to open your box
    3) mailfence - not accepting new accounts
    4) open mailbox/ memail - they promise a free account but you will always wind up at the check-out being asked for your major American credit card number
    5) GMX/ - only for people in certain countries, mostly German-speaking

  2. It's all so tiresome.
    God how I hate email-registration. And to comment here I need a mail-address too?
    What's even the point? I can't imagine there aren't better options.
    For preventing spam basic statistical analysis of registration-activity would probably be more than enough.
    But instead mail is still used and it's annoying to no end. Gotta get that email address for "marketing" I guess.

  3. 3) mailfence - not accepting new accounts
    It still does, but only for USA residents.

    6) belongs to GMX now and also only accepts accounts from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

  4. Tutanota blocks your account if you don't sign in for 6 months. If you want your account back, they ask you money. If you want to create a new account same as your blocked one, they tell you it's already taken.

  5. want a phone number or an email but to register can only be a phone number.

    Several different people tried to open a protonmail account each but were blocked as "abuse". So if your household wants to get one each...don't!

    1. I just created an account. They asked for a phone number, but allowed me to use an e-mail-address instead. They accepted my usual trash mail. Maybe you aborted too soon?
      Thanks @Matthew for the tip! Worked like a charm!

      GMX on the other hand doesn't work without a phone number. Not even when you're in Germany.

  6. GMX requires a phone number for registration. The same goes for which belongs to the same company. Surprisingly, hotmail now allows to create an account without a phone number. But you have to provide a secondary mail address instead.

  7. gmail allowed me to create a new email without a phone number but the very next day they blocked me from signing in unless I provided a number for "verification" since they "had detected unusual activity" on my account, probably because I use a VPN. It has become very difficult to remain anonymous online unless you pay, for example get a paid proton vpn or email account paying with bitcoin.

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