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We don't store your text or emails. Email extraction is done directly in your webbrowser.

A Fake Email List Generator is a handy tool designed for developers and testers in need of a bulk amount of fake emails for testing purposes. This tool alleviates the need to use real email data during the development or testing phase, ensuring privacy and compliance while enabling robust testing environments.


  • Bulk Generation: Generate up to 1 million fake email addresses within seconds.
  • Download Options: Download the generated email list as a CSV or txt file for easy import into your systems.
  • Customizable Separator: Choose your preferred separator to organize the email list to your liking.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Input Quantity: Enter the number of emails you need. For quantities of 50,000 emails or fewer, the list will be displayed in the text area below the button. For more than 10,000 emails (up to 1 million), the list can be downloaded as a CSV file.
  2. Choose Separator: Select the separator you wish to use for separating individual emails.
  3. Generate: Click the ‘Generate’ button to create your list of fake emails.
  4. Copy or Download: Either copy the results to your clipboard or download them as a CSV file.

Use Cases

  • Testing Email Workflows: Ensure your email workflows operate seamlessly before going live.
  • Populating Test Databases: Populate your test databases to simulate real-world database loads.


  • Privacy Compliance: Avoid using real email data during testing to stay compliant with privacy regulations.
  • Efficient Testing: Test your systems thoroughly with a substantial amount of data to ensure they can handle real-world use.

Safety and Privacy

Our tool generates realistic yet completely random email addresses ensuring no infringement on real individuals’ privacy. Emails are generated in your browser and nothing is stored on the server.

Download 1 Million Email List as a TXT File

Easily download a pre-generated list of 1 million random emails as a txt file for your convenience.


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