5 Best Email List Cleaning Services

Last updated: May 7, 2021

Are you about to start your email sending campaign, or have you already started one without cleaning your email list (bad mistake!)? Are you spending money sending emails to dead addresses? Are you experiencing too many bounces with your email lists? Even worse, is your mass emailing provider threatening to shut you down because of the high bounce rate? We've got you covered!

Quick Price Comparison of the TOP 3 services

Number of credits = Number of verified emails
5 000
50 000
100 000

Bulk email verification tools let you upload your email list, and without sending any emails on their own, they will verify if the emails exist and work. The best services will also let you know if the email is a spamtrap (super important not to send emails to those).

We tested and handpicked the best email list hygiene services. Once you run your email list through one of them (the top one being the best), you will return a list of emails free of any invalid email addresses, spam traps, or duplicates.

Top 10 bulk email verification services in 2020:

#1 EmailListVerify - Best value for your money

EmailListVerify is an advanced, yet super simple (understand - great straightforward UI) bulk email hygiene service. With an average accuracy of 99%, it's among the top of the services we reviewed.

Except for the great UI, every registered customer automatically gets API access to his account (no extra fees). Great for more tech-savvy customers, looking to incorporate Emaillistverify's realtime single email verification into their apps. Uploading whole email lists and cleaning them via API is possible as well!

Easy to use UI yet powerful API makes it a great choice for both single-marketers and big agencies.

How does Emaillistverify verify your emails (with explanations)

  • Domain & SMTP validation (removes inactive or parked domains)
  • Spam trap checker (identifies spam-trap email addresses and scrubs them)
  • Disposable email cleaner (removes temporary disposable emails from your list)
  • Catch-all domain checker (some domains accept emails to any made-up username - save money and improve open rates by removing them)
  • Syntax errors validator (Detects common syntax errors in domain names - great to use with registration forms with realtime API)
  • Hard bounce checker (Detecting if the email will bounce without actually sending the email!)
  • MTA validator (Checks if there is an email server running at the domain at all)
  • Email duplicates remover (Removes duplicate emails)


You can create an account for free and automatically receive 100 credits to use for testing. Anyway, Emaillistverify is super affordable for what they offer. Check it out:

1,000 emails$4
5,000 emails$15
10,000 emails$24
25,000 emails$49
50,000 emails$89
100,000 emails$169

#2 Zerobounce - Premium Email List Cleaning Service

Zerobounce is a market leader when it comes to email list hygiene. That enables them to ask a premium price for their services. When it comes to quality, they truly are one of the best - but other services we compared are nearly just as well (while also being a lot more affordable).

Zerobounce offers you 100 free credits for testing. If that's not enough, you can opt-in for one of their smaller packages to test them yourself.

How does Zerobounce clean your email list:

  • Removes invalid email addresses (nonexisting, misspelled)
  • Detects and removes spam traps
  • Detects and removes emails of people abusing the "mark as SPAM" button
  • Removes emails on domains without working email server
  • Detects catch-all emails
  • A.I. Email Scoring (AI automatically scores an email based on a multitude of factors)

Zerobounce pricing

2,000 emails (minimum order)$16
5,000 emails$39
10,000 emails$65
25,000 emails$162.5
50,000 emails$325
100,000 emails$390

Zerobounce can help you even if your list is already clean

How you might ask. Zerobounce offers an  "Email Address List Append" service. You provide a list of contacts, and zerobounce will append all the information they were able to gather about those contacts. Namely:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Geolocation data

You can then further optimize your mass emailing campaign.

Realtime API

Zerobounce too comes with a free to access API (you just need credits or a monthly plan). Their API comes with SDKs, wrappers, and complete integrations for many languages and services.

Zerobounce SDKs and API wrappers:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • PHP 7
  • Ruby
  • Delphi
  • NodeJS
  • .NET SDK
  • Android SDK
  • GoLang

Here's a list of Zerobounce integrations with 3rd party services.

Zerobounce also offers other premium features not directly related to email list cleaning, like "blacklist monitoring" or "inbox placement tester". Read more about them here.

#3 myEmailVerifier - Good Affordable Choice

A popular and very affordable email list cleaning service. The main drawback is the less attractive UI, but the great cost per verified email makes up for it.

You can test myEmailVerifier with 100 free credits and 500 upon request, just register for free here.

myEmailVerifier pricing

1,000 emails$4.80
5,000 emails$21
10,000 emails$36
25,000 emails$90
50,000 emails$120
100,000 emails$240

The lacking UI also means the credit payment page is not so straightforward. At the first glance, you might be tempted to input an email into the first email field, due to the confusing non-standard icon. myEmailVerifier would really benefit from a redesign.

Luckily it's not the single most important thing with email cleaning services, and myEmailVerifier has worked great otherwise!

How does myEmailVerifier check your email deliverability?

  • Syntax Verification (Checks if the syntax matches IETF standards - just like our realtime email syntax checker)
  • Domain/MX Record Checker (Removes inactive or parked domains)
  • Catch-All Email Checker (Removes servers catching all emails)
  • Free Domain Email Checker (Detects if an email is registered at a free email provider)
  • Temporary Unavailability Detection (Detects if an email is just temporarily unavailable and temporary deletes it from a list until it's available again)
  • Role Account Detection (Detects role-based email addresses which often have very low open rates)
  • Improved Yahoo Email Verification (Some email verifiers might struggle with detecting whether a Yahoo email address is valid or not. myEmailVerifier prides itself in being great in detecting their deliverability status)
  • Greylist Domain Detection
  • Spam Trap Detection

#4 Neverbounce - Premium Email List Cleaning

A hugely successful email list cleaning provider, used by companies such as iContact or Purple. Neverbounce is definitely not an affordable choice. For premium service, they ask a premium price. People and companies used them because they simply deliver. No hassle streamlined UI, great email processing without any hiccups, and great customer support.

Neverbounce pricing

You can register for free and receive 1000 free credits for testing (you can use those credits for anything, from API access to email list cleaning).

1,000 emails$8
5,000 emails$40
10,000 emails$80
25,000 emails$125
50,000 emails$250
100,000 emails$400

How does Neverbounce check your email deliverability?

  • Hybrid Verification
  • Mail Server Validation
  • Free Scrubbing - Duplicates and bad syntax emails are removed for free before the cleaning process
  • Domain Health Check
  • High-Risk Detection

Check out more information about Neverbounce's cleaning process here.


This is where neverbounce really shines. They are integrated with tens if not hundreds of services. Just check them all out here.

#5 Clearalist - Simple and Affordable

Clearalist is a simple email cleaning service. Why it might not have as many features as more expensive options, it does its job. It cleans your email list. To keep the price down, they really can't go overboard with their service offerings, that's why you won't find any integrations or API access there. It's as simple (and straightforward) as it gets.

Clearalist pricing

You can register for free and receive 500 free credits for testing.

2,500 emails (minimum)$5
5,000 emails$9
10,000 emails$16
25,000 emails$35
50,000 emails$60
100,000 emails$100

How does Clearalist clear your email list?

As we mentioned, you won't find any extras like API access or integrations here. Clearalist is all about email list cleaning, and it does it well.

  • Catch-All Email Verification (detects email servers accepting all emails)
  • Disposable Emails Detection (deletes temporary emails)
  • Syntax Validation Check
  • Remove Invalid Addresses
  • Identify Recipients with Full Inbox (Emails to such an inbox will not get delivered)
  • Duplicate Email Removing
  • Domain Verification
  • MX Records Verification
  • Realtime Email Validation
  • Extended SMTP Validation

Frequently asked questions

How do I verify bulk email addresses?

To bulk verify a list of email addresses, the easiest way is to use a bulk email verification service. The process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Upload the file containing your email list to the service provider (usually in csv or txt format)
  2. Run the email list verification
  3. Download the file with the results - usually, you can choose if you want to only download clean emails or a list with all results.

How does email verification work?

Email verification service providers use many techniques to check whether an email is valid or not. Here are some of the basic checks they will do:

  • Check if an email server is running on the domain
  • Check if the username is registered (with free email providers)
  • Compare your emails to their list of spamtraps
  • Check emails for syntax errors
  • And other, sometimes proprietary methods

What does email list hygiene mean?

Email list hygiene refers to the practice of regularly cleaning and maintaining an email list to ensure that it is up-to-date, accurate, and free of inactive or invalid email addresses.

This can involve removing inactive subscribers, correcting errors in email addresses, and verifying that all email addresses on the list are valid and opt-in. Maintaining email list hygiene is important for improving the deliverability and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

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